summit agenda


Early Learning Session

Keynote: Coding in early years – Playful Programming for Playgroup Kids

Panel: Apps and adaptive learning – Transforming engagement in early learning

Panel: Expanding Learning environment beyond the classroom

Workshop: Helping student to unlock their potential with 21-century skills

Higher Education Session

Keynote: Collaboration across the sector as the key to unlocking progress

Panel: The radical transformation of education through data mining, deep -learning, and the redefinition of the classroom

Panel: Innovating in learning institutions – Building environment that works

Workshop: Rigorous design now for student success tomorrow

Corporate Learning & Future of Work Session

Keynote: The future of work Prepare today’s and tomorrow’s workforce

Panel: Next Industrial Revolution – Where will employers acquire their future talents?

Panel: Reimaging Corporate Education

Workshop: 21st century workplace – Technology to better work culture

Life Long & Mature Learning Session

Keynote: You’re never too old to learn something new: Active learning in third and fourth age

Panel: Can education reap the benefits of blockchain

Panel: Lifelong learning as a lifeline for maturing communities

Workshop: Designing the learning ecosystem of the future